Explanation of the psychosis behind this mess:

Recently it has become clear to me, Jason Geyer, that in today's cruel, dangerous and unforgiving world, I shall need special skills to guide my way through the vicious and relentless job market that awaits after my graduation from my comfy collegiate existence. So, after I failed at cat juggling and fire-walking, I embarked on an heroic quest to learn the wonders of the mythological language known as HTML. And now without further ado here is the product of the unholy union of Me and a keyboard.

Of course this page is not quite what it will be after I have snatched the keyboard out of my master's hand, so to speak. It will be completed, oh...about when I will graduate and have to take it down. Such is life.

Linkage Galore Below


Action Figure Web Page
The definitive page for information on new and old figure lines. Highly recommended.
Next Generation of Star Wars Toys
Best site to check out the new stuff from Kenner and Galoob. Has more Star Wars links than you can shake a stick at.
The E3 Home Page
Eric G. Myer's wacky page of irreverence. Neat stuff from Toys to Hell.


Star Wars Web Page
Best Star Wars page for straight info and many links.
The Indiana Jones Home Page
All the scripts, some pictures, some interviews, and other Indy tidbits.
Disney Page List
Nice set of links to all the good Disney sites on the web, rated from one to four stars.
Orson Welles Web Page
Page devoted to the career of the greatest director ever, IMHO.
Alfred Hitchcock Web Page
Information on the life of the Master of Suspense.
Internet Movie Database
Everything and anything about the movies and the people who make them.


Tintin Home Page
If you are not already a Tintin fan, you should be. Here is a starting point for the world of Tintin et Milou.
Popeye Page
I will soon be putting up the definitive Popeye page, but for now let this one tide you over.
Superman Home Page
If Superman's enemies could only have web access, they would learn all about the Man of Steel right here. And check out the Kryptonian Cybernet while you're there.
The Uncanny X-Page
Huge resource for the most popular group of mutants ever to grace newsprint. And be careful that freaky Wolverine don't slash you with his "bone claws".
Simpson's Home Page
How can you not be a Simpsons Fanatic? All that is good with TV is encapsuled right here.
Dysfunctional Family Circus
And highlighting all that is bad with today's comics pages is the whimsical yet bizarre DFC. This might be gone soon folks, so visit while you can.


Dr. Demento Web Page
It was between putting this page up or the do-it-yourself guide to trepanning. Sigh. (Now run to your dictionary to find out what trepanning is. :)
T.E. Lawrence Page
Lawrence of Arabia- Truly for him nothing was written. (if you don't count this page and the hundreds of biographies, that is.)
Web Site of Love
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Hilarious satire or just making the best of bad production values? You decide.
Hamster Web Page
My small friend Astro made me include this page. For a hamster he can be quite threatening.
Forecast for Lubbock, Texas
Check out the current weather conditions for this crappy city in which I am exciled.

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