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Super Powers Blog
All the vehicles & playsets that were released for the line, including packaged shots and even unreleased items. Plus the poster inserts that came with every vehicle.
A detailed rundown of the three Super Powers DC Comics mini-series that tied-in to each wave of the toyline and all of the mini-comics that came with each figure, including the rare South American ones.
All the latest Kenner Super Powers Collection news and finds will be reported right here by toy experts Chip Cataldo, Daniel Pickett, Joe Grunenwald and
Jason Geyer.
Holy cow, did DC Comics license out this brand! Here are a lot of various items released under the Super Powers banner. Not necessarily figure related, but fun. Seriously, DC ...cufflinks?!?
Links to other SP related toy pages around the web, Action Girl's scoop on the unproduced Wonder Woman line, pointers to other Kenner sites and more fun pages to explore!
A brief history of the long-running influential cartoon series and how it relates to the Super Powers Collection! With link to many exciting Super Friends pages and an appreciation of the great Alex Toth.

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