Since 1997 I have been a designer of product and promotions.

Here you will find a sampling of the work that I feel is representative of what I can do. One of the problems I have in creating a concise portfolio has been the sheer breadth of work that I have created, in many different fields. I want to show all the different types of things that I have done over the years, but also not make your eyes glaze over.

I have been a toy designer, a promotional merchandise designer, a website creator, a copy writer, a painter, a film maker, a kitbasher, a waterpark designer, and so on. (Can you tell I like new challenges?) But where to draw the line? And how much is needed to convey the idea that I can not only do one thing very well, but that I have many skills that may or may not be of use in the future?

So, I have narrowed it down somewhat to a relatively few examples. Enjoy!





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