The Best Kept Secret.

So there was that thing back a few years ago where we found out all about the plans for the final years of the Super Powers Collection including concept art for many possible figures. And that other thing, where some extension plans for the original Kenner Star Wars line showed up in a found presentation. Or the ill-fated Mattel Wonder Woman and the Star Riders? And how about when it was revealed that there was another Raiders of the Lost Ark assortment to be made in Hasbro’s Indiana Jones line (OK, that one still hurts).

You’d think we would have heard all about toys that never made it into production by now. You’d think that with so many collectors and so much time having passed, there are no surprises left any more from the golden days of action figures (1970s & 1980s).

Well, partner, you’d be wrong. That’s right, true believer! Mattel’s toy line of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars lives again!

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Jason Geyer has been a waterpark designer, toy designer, web designer, and currently designs promotions for some of the leading consumer brands and major entertainment licenses. Since working at the Texas State Capitol during college he's been a devotee of politics, both local and national. If you can watch it, read it, or listen to it, Jason has an opinion about it. Except for sports.
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